Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

Lights' new music video for the song "Toes" can be viewed here. Her new album, Siberia, is slated for release on October 4th.


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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

The video turned out great and it would have been greater if Selena Gomez wouldn't have kept on talking there. Anyway, where was it shot? I know some guys at a video production NYC company that would surely be interested in a couple of techniques. Oh, the girl is very pretty, I really like her attitude.

Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"

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Re: Lights Debuts New Music Video For "Toes"


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I can't say that I had a close relationship with Robin -- it was mainly

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kibitzing back and forth in the clubs. The few times we'd have

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a conversation that would become serious, he or both of us would quickly

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veer off into jokes or silliness. Now, in retrospect, it may have

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been that Robin joked so much and was always "on" perhaps to hide

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something. Of course, that's just dime-store psychology.

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The last memory I have of him was a benefit that comedian Bob Saget

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was organizing at the comedy club Carolines on Broadway to raise

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consciousness about scleroderma. It was a fun night. Jimmy Fallon was there performing

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as was Robin and myself. After the show, Billy Crystal stopped by

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He had been doing a show and was unable to make the benefit.

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He and Robin greeted each other. Then Robin came over and spoke to me

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We chatted for a little bit, and Robin said to me,

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Would you like to join us? We're going out for dessert."

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The three of us went to one of these showbiz bar-restaurants in

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Times Square. It was the middle of the night, and we sat eating our

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desserts and exchanging comedy showbiz stories, memories and anecdotes.

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There was a lot of laughing -- a good time. On our way out

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of the place, we passed by another table where, surprisingly,

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comedy great Mel Brooks was sitting. I didn't know Mel, so Billy

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and Robin both approached him and were talking to him, and I stood off to the side.

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Robin Williams and the dark side of comedy

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Robin went out of his way to tell Mel how funny I was at the benefit. He repeated some

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of my jokes and Mel laughed. This was once again Robin proving what a generous person he was.

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